Importance of a Franchise Attorney

Franchising is a fast growing business model in the United States. As a method of doing business, it brings together companies at a global level to share brand identification which is also makes it a successful marketing strategy. Although there are many examples of franchise in various product and service sectors such as fitness clubs, auto-repair shops, the fast food joints such as Mc Donald’s is what most people might be familiar with. The franchising business has created opportunities for many smaller companies and individual entrepreneurs. Both the franchisor and the franchisee have a several interests to protect. The franchisor needs to sustain his brand by controlling the business and building more customer base whereas the franchisee gets the desired exposure and are obligated deliver the service promised by the brand. Franchising may have its advantages such as the reduction of risk on one’s investment or one may be able to build a customer base much faster, but every business has certain drawbacks which at some point or the other breaks the business relationship. Many new franchisee companies are exploited because they are unaware of their rights or because they agreed to an unfair contract without seeking proper expert advice. It is in situations such as these that franchise attorney is required.

Knowing the franchising law may be of little help if one is up against a big company. One will need the expertise and experience of a franchise attorney to have a standing chance against big companies. Before buying a franchise an individual entrepreneur or a company should do a thorough research and study the contract carefully before coming to any decision. A franchise attorney could help in getting the best deal from the contract and save you from any contractual pit falls.

The franchise law varies throughout the United States. What may be acceptable in some states may be against the law in the next. A competent attorney will know the different laws that govern the business from one state to the next. Although it is considered a wise decision to hire an attorney who specializes in franchise law to handle such situations, it is best to hire one before purchasing any franchise to minimize any complications in the future.

A seasoned franchise lawyer is capable of settling various types of disputes. When searching for one such lawyer there are certain factors that one should keep in mind for instance, it is good to hire a lawyer who has had many years of experience. One could also search online to research the records of an attorney. Many firms showcase their case studies on their website, which can be useful in judging a firm’s success record. It is important to know if a lawyer is capable of handling a case or not, in such instances there are certain firms who provide free preliminary consultation for most cases. The law firm will assess one’s rights and liabilities and also provide preliminary view of their proposed plan of action.